Case study- Occupational assessment

Case Study- Avaliação ocupacional
We were asked to carry out an occupational assessment of the head office of a company. After consulting the “best market practices regarding the occupation of spaces” and the legislation in force, we were able to analyse the existing and available space and assess whether it was in accordance with the legislation.
We analysed various space divisions, namely: space made available for each worker, by floor of the building and the distance between each worker; free space; the existence of spaces for personal use, such as lockers; whether the dining areas were of adequate size (according to m2 per x people); whether the support spaces guaranteed good functioning; workplaces and passageways with adequate natural and/or artificial lighting; obstructed circulation and emergency routes; whether the sanitary facilities respect the minimum dimensions and are appropriate for the number of workers; the existence of zones for access by disabled people and, finally, whether or not parking facilities respect the minimum dimensions.
In addition to this analysis, we present a proposal for improving workspaces to adapt them to good working practices in all the areas assessed.