Residential Real Estate Remodelling Works

As part of the rehabilitation plan for several residential properties belonging to one of the largest residential real estate investment funds and considering the objective of placing the properties on the rental market, work was carried out on more than 30 properties and we carried out all the construction and implementation phases.
The interventions were carried out in buildings from different construction periods, allowing various rehabilitation/construction methods to be applied.
These interventions vary in nature from deep remodelling of the buildings to small repairs (small repairs being understood as painting works, checking the correct functioning of the electrical, water and sewage installations. The objective is to quickly place the property on the market, guaranteeing quality standards for rental).
They include all specialities, from civil construction (demolitions, coverings, carpentry), water and sewage networks, electrical installations and other works.
Complying with good construction rules, the appropriate materials and the best working practices, always respecting all safety and health measures, the properties are delivered as requested and within the agreed deadlines.